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TecPodium in Practice - Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor

The Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor focuses on the promotion of economic growth in the country. The Ministry is engaged in the encouragement and support of export and international commerce, in order to assist Israeli businesses in enhancing their exports and entering new markets abroad.
Through this vast activity, the Ministry divisions are engaged in presentations and training sessions for the financial sector and technological institutions in pursue of awareness increase on the relevant business activities and changes in the Israeli economy. These sessions also serve as a meeting point between the government and corporate managers.

Project Requirements
In order to continually offer these unique training sessions, the Ministry utilizes several lecture halls. Most presenters are professional guest lecturers who are not always familiar with these particular halls. The constant complaints about the difficulty in operation of the equipment and rare use of the AV equipment led the Audio Visual department to look for a presentation solution that will offer ease of use and reliable operation of AV equipment. Achievement of that goal would allow both guest and permanent trainers to use the system and enable them to do it easily and without prior training or support.

TecPodium Interactive Lecterns were chosen as the perfect match for the department requirements as they offer an intuitive control panel and easy operation, which allow presenters to concentrate on their lecture rather than fiddle with the equipment. Presenters have now learned and accustomed to using all presentation sources without hesitations.
Reports and comments show that TecPodium has tremendously increased the use of audio visual materials during the presentations. Both trainees and presenters can now enjoy a more fascinating, efficient and fluent presentations.

Easy to use audio-visual solution

The institute management reports that due to TecPodium's ease of use presentations are much more popular at the facility and attendance is far greater than ever before. "Since we have installed TecPodium, presenters bring technical components into class and show it live to the participants via the integrated visualizer. Participants can now fully understand the context of the presentation in a more tangible, accessible way" remarked the facility AV Department Manager.

TecPodium installed in typical classroom