О компании


Shraga Brosilovski, President of the Company
With over 45 years of experience in the professional audio and video equipment market, Mr. Brosilovski integrates this knowledge directly into the product development process of Tecom. Supervises corporate governance issues; responsible for the operation of the production and assembly lines.

Aviv Brosilovski, Executive Director
Aviv is responsible for managing the company and ensuring its normal operations; Supervises international marketing and quality control issues.
Aviv has a diploma in electronic and computer equipment engineering, a bachelor of law degree, and a lawyer’s certificate.

Dana Zilber-Brosilovski, vice president of marketing
He is responsible for providing marketing activities, and also oversees the company's activities in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Dan holds a Bachelor of Laws and Master of Business Administration degree (MDA), issued by the University of Manchester, UK

Adi Levi, Technical Manager
Adi is responsible for carrying out the final assembly line testing, monitoring product quality and providing technical support work.
Adi has a degree in assembly engineering.

Ilya Mukhin, sales
Responsible for ensuring the activities of Tecom on the Russian market. Manages marketing and sales activities.

Ronen Or, Certified Public Accountant
Ronen is responsible for ensuring the financial performance of Tecom. Supervises accounting and purchasing department.
Ronen is a Certified Public Accountant and is a lawyer.

Ricky Gurfinkel, accounting
Responsible for keeping accounts and working with local and international customers and suppliers.